Miraka Davies

Managing Director of Shelly Davies Writing & Training

Miraka Davies (previously Shelly Davies) is an author, speaker, and coach of Māori descent, known internationally for her unconventional and irresistible work in the field of plain language and clear communications. Miraka has presented at TEDx Tauranga on the death of the formal business voice and has taught plain English at Brigham Young University. Part rockstar, part wordsmith, 100% badass, Miraka teaches others how to break all the rules and give themselves the permission to live their wildest dreams.

Note pronunciation: MEE-ruh-kuh

Maria Mckenzie

Masters Ed. Psych & Specialist Coach

With a background in education, neuroscience and psychology, Maria specialises in coaching people and organisations to embrace transitions and understand how to make them successful.

Helping businesses develop practical strategies to increase the productivity and happiness of their employees. This means understanding the changing needs, attitudes and habits of both new and experienced workers, and learning how to harness the strengths of the changing workforce.

Maria works by training and coaching, developing policies, and delivering seminars to shift perceptions from crisis to celebration, from stress to success, and uncertainty to opportunity.

And she is hilarious!!

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